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With the world in which we live in now being a hyper-modern society, the focus of Time should be a Priority, not the latter. For God's sake.

- Galloway Hall

About Me


Galloway Hall, known as the artist Frankev, is from Jackson, MS coming with an aspiration to be more than just another Artist, but an inspiring brand as well. Don't get it misunderstood, not only is the wave he is riding is different, but his approach is as well. Clashing with many ventures and avenues of things he does in this world, his favorite is his music. Growing up with his single mother faced with the majority of minority adversity, he slowly but surely realized that nothing in this world is free but his dignity and pride he holds himself to for being thorough: and that it would make his journey a long but purposeful one. His main goal is to inspire, not acquire. He's a man of God first, and real second. Not much else to speak about, what's left will be to show. 

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